Saturday, October 1, 2022

KSFE goons can go to any extend, as they are govt run scam company with full police and political protection 

Joke of this century – Vigilance department of KSFE is more corrupt than their regular employees 

Strange so till this time they were paid to sleep!!!

Now suddenly, they decided that they will carry out internal audit, this game is happening form long time this vigilance department of KSFE is a team of most corrupt employees and their role is to protect the criminals and take a share of the loot.

Our police department is useless slaves of their political masters and completely driven by interest of trade unions in such organizations.

Hundreds of cases with strong evidence are registered but our police department is really great that they drag such cases for decades to retire happy or rest in peace …. Relay setting a good example for the new generation.  

The joint business of loot by Govt agencies, ideally no one gets punished for corruption, Our system is too good to protect criminals 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

കെഎസ്എഫ്ഇ റെയ്ഡില്‍ തുടര്‍ നടപടികളുമായി മുന്നോട്ട് പോകാന്‍ വിജിലന്‍സ് | ...

KSFE - golden jubilee of organized loot - Govt run scam company

Golden jubilee of organized loot 

KSFE scam highlights : ചിട്ടി ബാക്കി- KIIFB മുതൽ KSFE വരെ

KSFE - organized loot - well protected by politicians and political parties

KSFE - ORGANIZED LOOT - with political protection  

BEWARE - KSFE Cheating Customers

KSFE cheating customers - BEWARE 


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KSFE ROCKS AGAIN !!! Vigilance conducts surprise raids in KSFE’s offices, suspects money laundering

Chit fund irregularities: Vigilance conducts surprise raids in KSFE’s offices, suspects money laundering: THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Vigilance conducts surprise raids in various branch offices of state government’s chit fund institution—KSFE.